A year-long Master’s project for Volkswagen to design a safer way to interact with a touchscreen while driving. The final design is a touchscreen that deploys from the dashboard.

For my Master’s concentration in Design Methodology, I worked on a team project for the Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab. VW challenged us to redesign the in-car display to make it easier to use while driving. We conducted user studies to investigate different display positions, inputs, technology, and interaction models that reduce cognitive and physical load on the driver. We built a series of rapid prototypes to test potential solutions and iterated toward a solution.

Our final solution was a touchscreen that deploys via a four-bar linkage from the center console to an easily reached position.A large knob on the side of the display can easily be used as an input without looking. In addition, auxiliary displays attached to the A-pillar make key information easily viewable. Other features include a motorized microfiber roller that would wipe the display when it was retracted into the dash.  The final prototype incorporated motorized version of the linkage deployment and cleaning mechanism into a real dashboard.